Our goals for the State of Minnesota are to minimize and legalize.    Our top three issues in each of those categories are as follows:

Issue #1 – Marijuana

The short answer: Marijuana is a personal choice that people should be allowed to make, with those who choose to use being responsible for the outcome of their decision.

The long answer: I will sign any bill legalizing (decriminalizing) marijuana, for any use, as soon as possible. Medical benefits from marijuana CBD oils are becoming well-established. Minnesotans and their children should have the right to make their own decisions as to the medical benefit they may experience. I also support legalization of recreational use, as it is the right of the individual to put into their body what they choose, as long as they do not endanger another individual.

Minnesota could also benefit by monitoring safe production, distribution, and taxation (as other states are starting to do.) There are legal prescription drugs (as well as alcohol) that can be more addictive and more destructive.

Financially, our economy is stressed from the legal costs of prohibition enforcement, while at the same times ruining the lives of convicted individuals by permanently labeling them as criminals. How can it be a crime without a victim?

What we will do first: Legalize medical marijuana in all forms and legalize recreational marijuana.


Issue #2 – Sunday restrictions - aka "blue laws"

The short answer: No activity that is legal Monday through Saturday should be illegal on Sunday.

The long answer: I will sign any bill that abolishes, overturns, or amends outdated ‘blue laws’, which prevent the sale of beer, wine and alcohol on Sundays. If production brewery tap rooms want to be open on Sundays and sell ‘growlers’, the state should not prohibit that. It is the option of the business owner to attempt to create revenue (or not create revenue) on any day he sees fit.

What we will do first: Repeal all Blue Laws.


Issue #3 – fireworks

The short answer: Adults can make their own decisions regarding what they consider to be safe fireworks.

The long answer: I will ask the legislature to reintroduce the bill that Gov. Dayton vetoed in 2012 so that I could sign it into law. I believe that aerial fireworks should be sold, purchased, and used here in Minnesota at the discretion of the people, however any damage to another person’s property from careless use should carry strong penalty.

What we will do first: Repeal fireworks restrictions.

Issue #3 – government spending

The short answer: Government spending is wasteful and inefficient, and this issue needs to be addressed immediately.

The long answer: I will ask that all departments be audited immediately. I want to eliminate wasteful spending and corporate welfare, such as taxpayers funding a Governor’s Super Bowl trip, or awarding no-bid contracts. I believe large-scale spending bills on things like stadiums, trains, and new government offices must pass a referendum where the final decision is up to the voters.

What we will do first: Immediate 10% reduction in administration across all departments, and elimination/consolidation of 10% or more of existing departments.

Issue #2 – personal income taxes

The short answer: Minnesotans are over-taxed, and we need to reduce their burden immediately.

The long answer: I will ask that we analyze and restructure how income tax is assessed in Minnesota. We currently rank 4th highest in terms of top income tax rate, and in the mid 30’s out of 50 states for tax fairness, which includes our current 4-tiered income tax system that some call ‘progressive’ (charging the wealthy a higher percentage). However , even the Minnesota Revenue Dept. website explains that our overall tax system is actually ‘regressive’ in fairness (meaning low- and middle-income families pay higher effective rates).

What we will do first: Create the details of a flat tax formula based on a universal rate, with an individual exclusion (e.g. $15,000 exclusion with 15% rate on all income above that).

Issue #1 – business taxes

The short answer: Reducing the business tax will bring more jobs to Minnesota, rather than driving companies out of the state.

The long answer: Phase one: I will ask that the corporate rate of 9.8% business income tax (which ranks top 5 nationwide) be cut in half to 4.9% immediately, to better compete for jobs with neighboring states (like ND at 4.5% and SD at 0%.) Phase 2 will be to analyze the impact of the reduction with the goal of reducing it another 4.9% to 0% by the end of my first term. The corporate tax contributes a mere 4% to the $30B revenue the state collects, which is roughly equal to the current surplus in the state. We don’t need it, businesses need it to buy more equipment and create more jobs.

What we will do first: Reduce corporate tax rate from 9.8% to 4.9%.

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