Dignitaries of Prez. Biden administration and others visited the Sunrise group of companies


South Plainfield, New Jersey, November 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –

MR.Mohammad Naeem (Founder and Chairman SGoS) with MR. Jim McGreevey (Former Governor of New Jersey)

November 22, 2021, New Jersey: Sunrise Group of Companies was honored to welcome dignitaries from the administration of President Biden, former New Jersey Gov. Mr. McGreevey and others. They visited to recognize the great work Sunrise Group of Companies has done with underprivileged communities during times of need, as well as to tackle drug addiction and the immeasurable help Sunrise has provided during the COVID-19 pandemic. They further advised the team to prepare an agenda for the future and plan for collaboration with federal and state governments accordingly.

The meeting was arranged with Mr. Dennis Gonzalez on October 21, 2021 in Irvington to introduce him to Sunrise Group of Companies, including the organization’s collective offerings. Among the attendees were Governor McGreevey, Rabbi Friedman, Pastor Flores, Tuseeaf Rathore, Eugene Shvartsman and the founder himself, Mohammed Naeem.

During the meeting, Sunrise’s dedication, commitment and contribution to the communities served as a whole was highlighted. As shared by Mr. Naeem, “We looked at how Sunrise Group of Companies can further help address the opioid crisis, as well as continue the fight against COVID-19. ”

Mohammed Naeem has been a longtime mentor, motivator, advocate and supporter of several charities such as pantries, cancer research, victims of violence, scholarship programs, etc.

Sunrise Group of Companies aims to improve its offers. They focused on certain areas like rehabilitation centers, county jails, etc., which require a different approach as well as education and awareness. The meeting participants also highlighted the possibilities of testing opportunities in the areas of women’s health.

The founder further discussed contractual work that might be available through American Recovery, Cares Act and NJRC. Advice was sought from dignitaries and attendees regarding growth opportunities and how Sunrise can serve more people across the state towards better lives.

To adequately monitor the execution of the plans, follow-up meetings have been set up. A plan table has been prepared which clearly highlights the tasks, the people affected and the last completion date.

Mohammed Naeem said, “We have scheduled several follow-up meetings with Senator Booker, Governor McGreevey and Senator Melendez to discuss in more detail how Sunrise can help in various areas of drug addiction as well as in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. “

Rabbi Friedman will set up a meeting with White House back-to-school official Aakash Shah. Governor McGreevy has taken on the responsibility of arranging meetings with Senators Melendez and Cory Booker. Mr. Tuseeaf Rathore will organize follow-up meetings with Governor McGreevey and Mr. Gonzalez. Finally, Pastor Flores will contact the Osborne Society, the non-governmental organization offering programs for those abused by the law.

“We will work hand in hand with the local government and the federal government to improve health solutions for the underprivileged population of the state”, added the founder of Sunrise Group of Companies. The meeting successfully aimed to create an agenda for expanding the organization’s model programs to other states and cities beyond New Jersey.

About the Sunrise group of companies

Founded by Mohammed Naeem in 2009, Sunrise Group of Companies is one of New Jersey’s fastest growing healthcare groups. Their services revolve around the “Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention” of psychiatric illnesses, infectious diseases, substance use disorders, drug-assisted therapy and residential care. The company aims to serve anyone who seeks help.

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