Govt. pay out $ 134 million in loans to exporting companies


TEHRAN – Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) Trade Services Department Head Ehsan Ghamari has announced the allocation of 40 trillion rials (approximately $ 134.6 million) to support export companies under the government’s non-oil export support program for the current Iranian calendar year (ends March 20).

The mentioned financing is provided to approved export companies in the form of low-interest bank loans provided by 13 active banks, Ghamari said.

According to the official, half of the aforementioned figure is provided by the National Development Fund (NDF) and the other half is provided by the banking system, the TPO portal reported on Saturday.

Ghamari noted that the process of assessing the eligibility of 120 export companies that requested the mentioned facilities has already been completed and that the list of these companies has been sent to banks acting for credit qualification and payment of debts. facilities.

In September 2021, the head of TPO, Alireza Peyman-Pak, announced the finalization of the instructions for the implementation of Article 3 of the non-oil export support package for the current calendar year, which deals with the facilities payment to export-oriented companies.

According to Peyman-Pak, the mentioned facilities will be provided in the form of working capital loans and also foreign exchange facilities.

“Based on the provisions of the mentioned instructions, which have been prepared using the opinions of the main sectors affecting the country’s foreign trade, we have tried to make the process of allocation and payment of working capital online and in the faster, and all information and assessments are done through the system in a targeted and transparent manner, ”Peyman Pak said of the mentioned allocations.

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