Health agencies close surveillance of new variant of Corona reported in South Africa


Every country in the world has started to take precautions regarding the new variant of Corona found in South Africa. The central government has also instructed states to exercise particular vigilance regarding this variant. The Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium is closely monitoring the new variant of COVID-19 named B. The good news is that this variant has yet to be detected in the country. At the same time, experts say the new variant is more contagious. In such a situation, immunization of all is the most important issue.

Central alert, these instructions given to states

The central government has called on all states to screen and strictly control all international travelers from South Africa, Hong Kong and Botswana. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said in a letter to all states that samples from passengers found infected should be sent immediately to the relevant genome sequencing labs.

The stock market tumbles

Meanwhile, in anticipation of the emergence of a new threat from the new Corona variant, domestic investors sold on the stock exchange on Friday, causing major indices to drop. In today’s trading, the major 30-share BSE Sensex index came in at 57,107.15, down 1,687.94 points, or 2.87%. The National Stock Exchange’s (NSE) major Nifty index of 50 also closed at 16,026.45, down 509.80 points, or 2.91%.

New cases in the country cross 10,000

New cases of corona infection in the country have once again exceeded 10,000. In the past three or four days, fewer than 10,000 new cases of infection have been reported. There has also been a marginal increase in active cases, and currently active cases have increased to over 1.10 lakh, or 0.32 percent of total cases. However, with the exception of Kerala, the situation is under control across the country.


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