Lewes District Council Deputy Chief Says New Government Funding Brings “Tangible Benefits to Our Communities”


Increased funding for three community projects in Lewes will help businesses “grow and connect with local people,” according to Lewes District Council Deputy Chief James MacCleary.

The Innovation Masters, Sustainable Wine and Cultural Tourism and Minding the Gaps programs will all receive a percentage of the £ 1.8million awarded to the Lewes District under the UK government’s Community Renewal Fund.

The latest announcement is good news for Lewes District Council, following last month’s successful offer to the government upgrade fund, which secured £ 12.68million for the regeneration of Newhaven.

Lewes District Council Deputy Chief James MacCleary said: These three great programs will help businesses in the district grow and connect with local people looking for employment.

Cllr MacCleary, Deputy Head of Lewes District Council, said: “There is untapped potential in Lewes that can flourish and I hope these projects will be the catalyst to make it happen and bring real benefits and benefits. tangible to our communities. ”

According to a press release from the council, the Masters Innovation program will seek to work directly with companies to improve economic performance. While the Minding the Gaps program will offer personalized employment-related support “to people” who lack confidence and motivation “in the labor market.

The Sustainable Wine and Cultural Tourism project – which will receive £ 750,000 from the £ 1.8million fund – will seek to create a ‘global brand for wine and cultural tourism’ in the district.

Cllr MacCleary, said, “We have a thriving wine industry locally and the council is very keen to support it and make the most of it to benefit the local economy at large and attract more visitors to our area.

“It’s wonderful to see funds to stimulate this sector and help our local producers to further unleash their potential. “

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