Security agencies on high alert after suspected terrorist attack entries before Republic Day


New Delhi: Security agencies are on high alert after reports were received from several agencies on Friday about a suspected terror attack ahead of Republic Day in the nation’s capital and other parts of the country. According to a News 18 report, security forces also issued a detailed alert for officers and troops deployed in five states linked to the poll.Also Read – ECI Raises Candidate Spending Limit Ahead of Next 2022 Legislative Election Check State List Here

Sources closely associated with the development told the news portal that a detailed copy compiling the information and contributions has been shared with the security forces. Read also – The Interior Ministry forms a panel of 3 members to investigate the security failure of Prime Minister Modi in the Punjab | Details here

According to the security alert, terrorists could plan attacks or explosions to target high-level leaders outside of crowded locations and markets. They could also carry out attacks on train stations, bus stops, religious places and vital facilities. Also Read – Mumbai on High Alert After Intelligence Report on Possible Khalistani Elements Terrorist Attack

The report suggests that senior officers have been asked to brief military troops on the security exercise, the importance of static guard, the response in an emergency scenario while maintaining the necessary coordination with all sister agencies / parties stakeholders, etc.

The government order said that control rooms and unit control centers should be staffed with sufficient staff around the clock for rapid information sharing. In addition, close liaison should be maintained with intelligence agencies and civilian police in the region, in addition to activating its own sources for the timely receipt of inputs, the order added.

A senior government official told News 18 that military troops have been urged to religiously repeat the emergency plan and to remain extremely vigilant and vigilant outside and inside the camp areas to avoid any untoward incidents. .


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