Social Media Companies Launch Features To Encourage People To Get Their Boost

  • New profile frames or stickers for social media users to show they’ve had their thumbs up or intend to
  • Over 16 million people have now had their booster in the UK

Tech platforms Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are launching new interactive features to help boost immunization across the country.

From now on [Friday 26 November], Facebook and Instagram users can update their profiles with a range of specially designed profile frames or stickers to show that they have had their refill or intend to do so when. they are eligible.

TikTok, which supported the vaccination campaign by hosting a ‘grab-a-jab’ event in London earlier this year, also made stickers available to the public to use on their profiles.

Monday [22 November], booster injections were opened to people aged 40 to 49 and now all people aged 40 and over who received their second dose at least six months ago can also receive their booster injection at a site without an appointment. Appointments can also be pre-booked one month in advance.

This new campaign aligns with the television ad for the “Stop Covid-19 Hanging Around” campaign which was also launched today. The ad highlights how Covid-19 is exhaled in particles, and in confined spaces, these particles can build up and become more difficult for others to avoid breathing them. The ad shows how regularly opening windows or doors to let in fresh air helps disperse them. particles and protects others.

Vaccine Minister Maggie Throup said:

Getting your recall is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family this winter.

It’s fantastic to see some of the biggest and well-known names further into the phenomenal vaccine rollout, allowing their users to proudly display that they’ve played their part in helping us build a wall of defense across the country. .

I urge everyone who qualifies – don’t delay, get vaccinated or refuel today to protect yourself and your loved ones.

More than 16 million booster shots have now been administered across the UK.

People are encouraged to come forward for their jab as soon as they are eligible to get the best possible protection before winter.

New data this week has further highlighted the importance of the recall jab. UK Health Security Agency’s First Real-World Study of Booster Vaccine Effectiveness Shows Complementary Injections Boost Protection Against Symptomatic COVID-19 by Up to 90% in Adults Over 50 .

Results show that 2 weeks after receiving a booster dose, protection against symptomatic infections in adults aged 50 years and older was 93.1% in those with Oxford / AstraZeneca as primary treatment and 94.0% for Pfizer-BioNTech.

Steve Hatch, Vice President Northern Europe, Meta, said:

Meta has worked closely with the NHS throughout the pandemic, donating advertising credits to help the NHS deliver vital messages to millions of people and partnering with them on our ‘Vaccine Profile Frames’ which were seen by 90% of people on Facebook in the UK.

We know from public health research that people are more likely to get vaccinated if they see other members of their community doing it, and we’ve seen that when people see a friend say they have been vaccinated, this increases their perception that the vaccines are safe. As winter approaches, we’re updating vaccine profile frames so people can encourage friends and family to receive their critical booster shots when they are eligible.

Rich Waterworth, Managing Director of TikTok UK & Europe, said:

As we approach a critical time for the NHS, we are proud to continue our support for the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

With the vaccine now available to younger children and the recall campaign in full swing, we’re expanding our creative tools to allow users to put a new sticker on their videos expressing their support for the recall and awareness campaign. vaccination. It has been great to see the positive response to the immunization initiative among our community so far. Our recent ‘grabajab’ event in London was a huge success and we continue to see fantastic engagement with our amazing medical creators on the platform.

The range of new graphics will be ready for use in five languages ​​on social media starting today (November 26) and will be available in 13 languages ​​in the coming weeks for people in communities across the UK. Uni can support the campaign.

Vaccines offer high levels of protection, but immunity wanes over time, especially for the elderly and at risk groups, so it is essential that vulnerable people show up to get their COVID-19 booster vaccine for strengthen their defenses.

The latest evidence from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) shows that protection against symptomatic illness increases from 65%, up to 3 months after the second dose, to 45% 6 months after the second dose for the Oxford vaccine / AstraZeneca, and 90% to 65% for the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. Protection against hospitalization increased from 95% to 75% for Oxford / AstraZeneca and from 99% to 90% for Pfizer / BioNTech.

Although the efficacy of the vaccine against serious illness remains high, a small change can generate a major change in hospital admissions. For example, going from 95% to 90% protection against hospitalization would double admissions among vaccinated people.

The booster program is designed to supplement this declining immunity.


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