Two new dogs in town: local agencies welcome K-9s | News


“He knew her name well,” he said of why he chose to stay with.

Osborn trained with Frodo for two weeks at Working Dogs International and trained regularly with him.

“I train at least four days a week with him,” he said.

Osborn and Frodo are training to get state K-9 certification, with the state of Nebraska implementing standards for police dog teams that came into effect in January 2015. They work with an instructor from the Nebraska State Patrol stationed in Sidney. During the training exercises, Osborn takes Frodo through different scenarios to develop the skills of the dog.

Dogs are effective tools, Osborn said. Frodo is a dual-use dog, which means he can detect drugs and also work to apprehend suspects, track lost or missing people, and even find evidence. In a demonstration, Osborn used the driver’s license of a Star-Herald photographer to show how the dog can take a simple object and find it using human scent.

In tracking and apprehending suspects, he said, dogs are also an effective tool. He notes that suspects will be more afraid of a dog than the police in certain situations.

Asked about anything that surprised him as a K-9 officer, he replied, “You know, that’s double the amount of work I thought it would be. It’s like having two jobs. A job is to do whatever a law enforcement officer does, but I also have a partner in the back. I have to make sure he’s fed. I have to make sure that I receive his training properly, that I am aware of his work in detecting, tracking, recovering and patrolling narcotics, and his obedience, all of that.


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